Technomancer is the main project and alias of Norwegian trans female artist Alexandria "Alyxx" Digre.

Having produced music since 2004 and composed music for even longer, Alyxx has been using Technomancer as her main creative output. The project revolves around a cyberpunk aesthetic, mixing the sounds of the past with a danceable modern edge. While earlier songs were more in the futurepop genre, since 2014 the project has been going in more of an industrial direction, incorporating sampled guitars and more of a synthwave direction.

Technomancer has not only released a sizeable body of work that includes several demo albums, the debut album System Failure and several singles and EPs, but has also done remixes for several prominent industrial and synth artists, such as Die Krupps, Apoptygma Berzerk, Nitzer Ebb, Anne Clark and Attrition to name a few.

Alyxx also uses the alias Zone Tripper, which has more of a space synth and italo influenced sound and is largely instrumental, and is also involved in the dubstep/drumstep project Laboratory 5 together with Max|Static from the UK.

In addition to releasing music, Technomancer also does design, including CDs, vinyls, posters, banners for social media, Bandcamp and websites. For a portfolio, go to my Design page. For design queries, go to the Contact page.