"Hyperfuel" is the second Technomancer album

All tracks written by Alexandria Digre, except "Puppets" written by Vince Clarke, "If Only You Could Hear Me (Singing Our Song Tonight) (Extended Version)" written by Karin Brady and Alexandria Digre, "Ecstasy" written by Paul Durham, Andy Ellis and Lee Lozowick, and "The Outsider" written by Psyche.

Synthesizers, vocals and programming by Alyxx
Produced and mixed by Alyxx, Stephan L. Groth, Jonas Groth, Ole-Espen Kristiansen and Per Aksel Lundgreen
Recorded by Alyxx at The Technomantic Zone and Jonas Groth at Love Studio
Additional recordings at Pitch Black Drive by Stephan L. Groth
Mastered by Ole-Espen Kristiansen at Studio +/-
Cover design by Technomancer